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2021...let’s hope it’s more fun...

So 2020 was not a year I want to remember really - well I do for moments that were good... like spending time with family, doing some overdue DIY and decorating, watching a lot of Netflix, but actually mainly working in a different business as a consultant for a while which took me out of my comfort zone but I learnt a lot and it was fun...hence the lack of work on here for the last 8 months!

But I am back and 2021 is going to present its own challenges again but I’m up for it and so excited to get going and see where it takes me. We had the shop pre-lockdown but I can’t say I’m not happy that we didn’t have it during this long and ghastly pandemic, so I think that side is going to wait a while before relaunching but working back in the studio and finally looking to embrace the online side of my business too is going to be exciting.

Projects for 2021 have already started with a penthouse in Israel of all places... Zoom has come into it’s own and sourcing from the UK presents its own upsides and downsides but can’t wait to see that all finished and a fab little mews house in Hampstead that’s going to be gorgeous - well if we can ever get started...!!!

So no pretty pictures yet, but I might just leave you with the first of my searches for a mid century pendant light for over a dining table for the Israel project and can’t help loving 1stdibs for many options so going to present a few here because I still haven’t made up my mind what will work!

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