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Accessories... character or clutter ....

People often ask me how to "do" accessories and I always answer that you should do whatever you want to do! There is nothing worse than too much "matchy matchy" and pressure to make everything look perfect.... no-one really lives like that... maybe for a photo in a magazine, but just as you do when people come to look round your house when you are selling, most things have been stuffed in a drawer hoping no-one will ever open it! That's not to say that clutter is a good or bad thing.... it's really what you want in your own home... Sure you can be advised that perhaps books are piled on a coffee table in a certain way, or vases in a perfect row look better than a cluster but it should be what YOU like... so thought I would offer up some small images from my homes to prove (even if it's just to myself!) that things don't always have to match or be perfect... character in a home is always a good sign of a well lived in and loved home...

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